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Atherton Health Food Centre is a thoroughly modern independent specialist health food store,
with old-fashioned standards of service and attention to our customers’ needs.

You'll find
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Homoeopathics
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Certified Organic Foods
  • Special Dietary Products
  • as well as cooking ingredients and personal care, pet care,
    household cleaning, sports and fitness products...

and FREE professional advice!

Atherton Health Food Centre

At Atherton Health Food Centre, we help our customers care for body and mind. Our store stocks a variety of natural health and wellbeing products, as well as highly nutritious foods including cooking ingredients and certified organic products.

As part of our service, we offer one-on-one privacy as well as a qualified naturopath to assist with treatment for diagnosed conditions.

Come in and speak to our knowledgeable and friendly team today! We can recommend products based on your needs and we are always here to help you with up-to-date product knowledge.
Capsules — Remedies in Atherton, QLD

Atherton Health Food Centre provides clear, personalised advice on all nutritional supplements and remedies carried in- store.

This free help and information will allow you to make informed, cost-effective choices on the products you wish to use.
Herbs — Remedies in Atherton, QLD

Are you currently taking other health products or prescribed pharmacy medication?

At Atherton Health Food Centre, we can provide an interaction check to help you avoid adverse reactions when selecting a product from our range.
Ingredients — Remedies in Atherton, QLD

Atherton Health Food Centre caters for many special dietary needs with a variety of products and ingredients—fresh, dried or frozen—as well as condiments, herbs, spices and much more. We sell bulk supplies of many ingredients, including raw honey, tahini, organic flours, grains, dried fruits and nuts.