Supplements & Remedies

Atherton Health Food Centre stocks an up-to-date range of nutritional supplements, herbal, homoeopathic and other natural remedies. We specialise in TGA-approved products and our friendly staff are happy to provide clear advice on our range. A popular example is our range of single and multi-strain probiotic and digestive enzyme formulas. So many adverse health conditions stem from compromised or poor gut function; these products, carefully selected, can help restore gut flora and enzyme support, and so help with the symptoms of poor digestion or elimination as well as allergic or reactive conditions.

Other popular categories include:

  • Anti-inflammatory, pain relief and joint repair

  • Fatigue, stress, adrenal support

  • Mental focus and acuity

  • Blood-building nutrients, liver cleansing.

Bulk Supplies

At Atherton Health Food Centre we have our own purpose-built coolrooms and storage facilities, where we stock bulk ingredients. Whether you are buying for your own kitchen or for commercial purposes (such as cafes and restaurants), we can supply many ingredients in bulk. This includes certified organic flours, cereals, grains, tahini, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, as well as raw honey.

Dietary Supplies & Ingredients

If you are affected by food intolerances, visit Atherton Health Food Centre. Our friendly staff have extensive knowledge of dietary supplies and alternatives. We also stock a variety of minimally processed foods, allowing you to enjoy healthy meals without preservatives or allergens. Our range includes breads, cereals, raw goat's milk, gluten free products, and much more.

Personal Care

We carry a variety of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, deodorants, toothpastes and other personal care products that are free from petrochemicals, sulfates and other harmful ingredients. Suitable for adults and children, our range helps you look and feel your best every day.


We provide an extensive range of pure essential oils as well as fragrance oils and massage blends. We can also offer vapourisers - electric, steam or candle-powered.

Practitioner Consultations

At Atherton Health Food Centre, we are here to help you enjoy the best health possible. We have the experience to connect our customers with accredited practitioners such as Bowen therapists, acupuncture, Chinese herbalists and many others. You can also make an appointment with Vera Dahlstrom, our in-house naturopath, Tuesday to Friday.

Product Advice & Guidance

The owners of the Atherton Health Food Centre, John and Jo Hall, are industry-trained professionals with many years' experience. We are passionate about assisting our customers with their health needs, from providing advice on our product range to guidance on natural health and how it can help you and your family. Come in and speak with us at any time. We make it easy to care for your health and wellbeing.

Drug Interaction Checks

Whether you take naturopathic medication, herbal supplements or homoeopathic products, it is important to find out how they might interact with pharmacy medicine. Atherton Health Food Centre's naturopathic advisory partners offer interaction checks every day of the week. These checks ensure there are no known problems associated with any of the medications you may be taking when combined with complementary health care or 'natural' products or ingredients.

Mail Orders Welcome

Can't make it in to our Atherton store? Call us or use our website to place an order and we will arrange for it to be shipped to your address. All products are carefully packed by our staff to ensure their safety during transport.

To place an order, please phone or email us today.